We assist real estate investors develop skills to be more productive and effective in leading the business they love.

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RAISING CAPITAL effectively is a skill that every real estate investor needs.  Use my MAP™ system — the same system I used to raise 1 million dollars in less than 30 days — and learn to capture the attention of your potential investors, influence decision makers and convert them into investors in your projects.

ACCESS TO UNLIMITED CAPITAL makes a profound difference for you as a real estate investor. We have partnered with some of the most reliable hard money and portfolio lenders whose efficacy is demonstrated in their ability to close deals.  We will assist you in creating your own “money network”, tap into the resources of the most successful investors and support you through the process of raising capital.

SELECTING A REAL ESTATE OPPORTUNITY That will lend itself to your success is one of the most challenging decisions when starting as a passive investor.  When the time is right for you to step into the exciting and lucrative world of real estate investing, connect with our consultants to learn how we may assist you.  And if all you need is simply to get another set of eyes on your deal, we can assist with that too.


The Art of Raising Capital

We assist real estate investors in the development of skills and strategies to raise money effectively

Finding Private Money is simple. Getting Private Money to invest in your real estate deals is not. If you don’t have the right Mindset to influence decision makers, an outstanding Approach to capture investor’s attention and an effective Process to get them excited and convert them, then you are not going far getting private money in your deals. Get access to the MAP™ system and learn how to become a money magnet, influence decision makers and build a strong and lasting investors’ network.

Becoming a Private Real Estate Investor

We assist busy professionals and passive investors to identify opportunities aligned with their goals

Learn how to leverage a safer, stronger alternative to the stock market and traditional investments with this free report. If you are looking for secure real estate lending opportunities with higher rate of returns,  you'll want to read this report right away!

Also, get information each month that gives you practical strategies on how to invest in high performance real estate strategies and how to apply for exclusive real estate investments opportunities.

Learn strategies on how to raise capital and work with top consultants on raising capital.

Creative Solutions

If you have High Performance Real Estate Deals in USA and need funding you can:

  • Consult with our experts on creative funding solutions that are available for your short and long-term real estate deals.
  • Learn about our partner's portfolio investment loans.
  • Connect with our raising capital consultant's network.

Live & Online Experiences

Learn and Network with Jen

Most successful people know one thing: proximity is power. And like you, their desire is to not only seek for the most impactful self-development or real estate seminars, communities, networks and other resources but empower one another while growing both personally and professionally.

We can help you Find Events to Ignite Your Fire Within, Create The Best Connections, Get Elite Real Estate Education and Unleash the Best Version of Yourself.

Books with Jen Maldonado

Ever wonder how women innovators and revolutionaries are making their real estate business go further faster?

You Got This!

Have you ever wanted to meet women who are kicking butt in Real Estate?

Becoming successful in real estate investing is a journey! All of your experiences will add to your skill set and understanding of what makes a great deal and what types of deals to walk away from. You learn the strategies, choose what works for you based on your personality and criteria, and you will have to learn to depend on other people, network like crazy and build a team. If you don’t know how to go about this, you’re in the right place.

YOU GOT THIS! Tips for Women Who Want to Rock at Real Estate Investing shares the stories of 11 successful women who participate in real estate investing in a variety of ways. Some play more supportive roles vs. active investing. Some are more passive in their endeavors. Most have been in the trenches and know how to swing a hammer, though they’ve learned they don’t have to. And that’s what they share with you in the pages of this book. Their stories are as different as their personalities, but they all share a couple of things in common: They are successful at what they do and they earn a good living doing it!

100% proceeds go to Door of Hope!

Jen Maldonado | The Art of Raising Capital for Real Estate

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